Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring is required also to be able to start processing a client file, it is just as important as the Required Documents.


Signup for credit monitoring HERE and set your user name as follows to your = email address, set your password to = credit123 (do not change password, or we won’t have access to your credit monitoring.

You will receive a confirmation email which will verify you have setup your monitoring account correctly. You will need to save the first page as a .jpg to use to upload in the ‘Client Documents” section of your of your Sign-Up form under “Credit Monitoring Confirmation Email”.

Joint Accounts:

Because of Privacy Laws each client is required to have their own credit monitoring account. This means each client has to have their own email address (no duplicate emails are allowed), clients can not share an email address.

FEE: Credit monitoring cost $29.95 per account per month.

Clients can sign up for a FREE GOOGLE EMAIL ACCOUNT HERE.