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You need a good credit score to buy or lease a home, refinance a property, get credit cards, obtain auto loans and any other credit accounts.  Bad credit, on the other hand, can cost some people up to $50,000 in their lifetime in higher interest rates.

We help you get negative inaccuracies removed, boost your score and monitor and maintain your good credit over time.

Did You Know 70% percent of all credit reports contain errors?*

  • 29% of credit reports contain serious errors including false delinquencies, or accounts belonging to other belonging to other people.
  • 26% of credit reports contain accounts that were mislabeled as closed by the creditor when they were actually closed by the consumer.
  • 20% of credit reports were missing positive reporting that would boost credit scores – such as credit loans, mortgages and many other accounts in good standing.
  • 41% of credit reports contain demographic information that is incorrect 
The credit bureaus are required by law to prove anything on your credit report. If they can’t prove it, they must remove it!
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* According to Public Information Research Group

How It Works

When you sign up with American Best Credit Restoration, you will get a team of professionals who will go over your credit report and provide you with a detailed credit analysis. Whether or not you decide to engage our services, you will walk away with more valuable knowledge on how to improve and maintain your good credit.

If you do engage with us, we will continue to work closely with you throughout the process, and you can monitor our progress online in real-time through your personal portal.

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Why American Best Credit Restoration?

See Results Fast

Traditional credit repair methods take on average 6- 24 months and result in fewer deletions. Our proven technology gets better results within 30 to 90 days, often with clients seeing negative deletions within the first week.

We Work Directly With Credit Bureaus

We also work directly with creditors to challenge negative items on your report that are lowering your credit. We can improve your credit score no matter what your situation is.

Proven Results

We have helped thousands of people and companies boost their credit score, and we can help you too. Working with us is easy. Simply sign up, relax and see results as they take place! 
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